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Pack eBook + Checklist - "Web Forms: Costly Mistakes You Want to Avoid"

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Explore a captivating realm where usability, accessibility, and performance converge to shape the user experience you are looking for. In this pack including the ebook and the checklist, I will share with you the secrets to create forms that engage, convert, and satisfy your visitors.

Benefits for the readers

You never really know what to expect when you read a book. Here's what my readers have to say about it.

  • Improved inter-team relations
  • New concrete knowledge that can be activated
  • Reusable examples and anecdotes
  • Simple, step-by-step advice
  • Numerous resources available

Find out more about all the benefits on the official website.

On The Agenda

Here is a list of some of the things you will learn:

  • How to write an effective label.
  • How best to compose your form.
  • How to make your form more accessible to people with disabilities.
  • How to avoid common mistakes that everyone makes!
  • How to increase the filling speed of all your forms using relatively simple techniques.
  • How to avoid frustration among your users.
  • How to work on your critical thinking so that you can evaluate your forms yourself.
  • And many other things that straddle the line between technique (not too heavy) and design (not too presumptuous).

More information and synopsis on the official website.

What you purchase

You never really know what to expect from an eBook. What's certain is that you're not buying 'just a PDF', but a synthesis of knowledge in design, usability, user experience, technology (there's a bit of HTML in there too), accessibility and project management on the subject of forms (and more generally digital project).

But apart from the arguments of authority and my years of experience, here are a few more details:

  • 41,000 words - 282 pages in Letter format
  • 4 formats : ePub, PDF A4 (accessible), PDF A5 & Letter (printable, licence entreprise only)
  • 1 checklist usable in your projects
  • Lifetime Update for layout, typos, and minor content updates.
  • Bonus: 1 licence key for a web version (no guarantee, work in progress)

You are purchasing a digital good, not a physical book.

Find the physical book on Amazon.

The different licences

In order to offer you the fairest possible service, I offer a range of licences. Please support my work by choosing the one that suits you best.

You're more of a soloist

  • Licence Solo: you buy the eBook and checklist only for your own reading.

You buy as a company

  • Licence Entreprise: you buy the eBook and checklist for your team (company with fewer than 30 employees)
  • Licence Extended: you buy the eBook and checklist for your team (company with 30 employees or more)

None of these licences authorise resale.

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For an independent author, there's nothing like word of mouth to give exposure. If you'd like to support me, please share this page, or the book's official website. In the book, you'll also find a section offering you options for getting paid if you help me get exposure 😉

Talk soon online, and enjoy your reading!

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